3 reasons local business owners need to join the FBC

What is the FBC and why should local business owners be running (not walking) to be a part of it…?

Listening to the local business community, the Frankston City Council have responded by facilitating the research, planning, and implementation of the new independent Frankston Business Collective.

There is no denying that Frankston is the place for business growth and investment. The FBC, spearheaded by their CEO, local retail and industry leader, Jeff Rogut, was founded earlier this year with the vision to realise the full potential of businesses and industries in the Frankston Region. To drive a new era of innovation, development, growth, productivity, employment and profitability for the thriving and passionate business and industry community of the area.

As a member based organisation, the FBC was established to support their members and help them succeed. They endeavour to do this by staying true to their 3 pillars…

These are the 3 reasons you need to join the FBC:

  1. ADVOCACY – giving business owners a voice and the support they need to thrive
  2. CONNECTION – by sharing their wealth of knowledge and organising local business networking events
  3. EDUCATION – facilitating workshops, guest speakers, mental health awareness and more!

These pillars are the backbone of all that they do and are all values that hold great importance to all members of the FBC Board, including Style Finance Group’s very own CEO, Bernadine Geary.

Whether it be through running my own finance company or in the business banking and corporate sectors, helping businesses grow and prosper has always been my passion.

Having established two small businesses in the Frankston & Mornington Peninsula myself I understand the challenges that SME’s face, particularly with everything the last two years has thrown at us.

I have enjoyed giving back to the community in my mentor role for the Women in Commercial Finance and when I saw the Frankston Business Collective was being established I jumped at the chance to help other businesses in our community.

It’s truly an honour to have been appointed to the board and I look forward to working with our local business community to help elevate Frankston’s identity as an innovation hub and thriving business community.

Bernadine Geary, Style Finance Group CEO & FBC Board Member

Part of the FBC’s role has been to take over the hugely successful Invest Frankston local business networking events. These events provide invaluable opportunities for like minded business owners to not only connect and exchange ideas, but also to support each other’s businesses.

NEXT EVENT: Two hours of quality business networking mixed with “wheelie” good fun at the FBC September Business Networking Night at local skating rink, and FBC member, Sk8house in Carrum Downs.

Skating is optional but strongly encouraged for anyone who is keen to give it a whirl. It’s time to let your hair down and roll outside your comfort zone while sparking new business connections with other like-minded local business owners!

When: Tuesday 27th September
Time: 5.30pm to 7.30pm
Cost: FREE to FBC members and $22.19 to non-members

On top of this, as an advocate for local business, the FBC gives them a collective voice when dealing with local government, representing their interests and looking out for them.

Business owners are often too busy to sit and read through all the changes in legislation and bylaws or find solutions that will help them achieve their goals.

Having access to a wealth of knowledge amongst other members and high calibre speakers who are willing to share their experience and expertise with others, makes the education pillar a vital part of the FBC.

Bernadine Geary, Style Finance Group CEO & FBC Board Member

With memberships starting at just $220 per year, their tiered membership options cater for all business sizes and stages of development. The best part is that FBC members are eligible for FREE ENTRY to Frankston Business Collective workshops and networking events. This represents amazing value for money on it’s own, without factoring in any of the other member benefits!

Even if you attend just one or two events a year you will walk away with a guaranteed take away or new contact in the area that just might be the connection you are looking for to give your business a great big boost!

Bernadine Geary, Style Finance Group CEO & FBC Board Member

The FBC focusses on Advocacy to all tiers of government for all business sizes, Connection and Education, to support and nurture their business and industry Members.

  • Assist members to find business opportunities and to grow their business
  • Educate members on relevant entrepreneurial topics
  • Create networking opportunities for members
  • Be the collective voice to local government
  • The Frankston Business Collective (FBC) is the peak business organisation and voice for the Frankston area.

To find out more and submit your membership application, please visit the Frankston Business Collective website.

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